Frequently Asked



~ When should we book our wedding photography?

I have been booked as far in advance as two years but at the other extreme, just 5 weeks before the Big Day. 

However, I would say that your wedding photography is probably one of your biggest outlays, budget wise so get your photography sorted early on so that you know what budget you have left for the other things - but remember, that photography (and your new spouse!!) will be the only things left of the big day!

Also be aware that photographers are busiest in the Summer Months, during wedding season so if your date falls between April and September, get your photographer booked as soon as you can. Most photographers will accept a booking fee to secure the date, with the final balance due around 6 weeks before the big day. 

~ Can we see your portfolio?

I want to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. So I provide an extensive portfolio but you can also view the final gallery from one of my lovely couples' entire day, (password hembersept14) including their pre-wed shoot and the photobooth the evening of the wedding. (Thanks to Cherry and Simon for allowing me to share their beautiful day!). 

~ How long should the wedding photographer be with us?

TPB will be with you for whatever length of time you require. With my full day package, I join you from bridal prep in the morning (my favourite part of the day!) to cutting of the cake and first dance in the evening. This is my preferred option as I want to tell your whole story, from start to finish but I can also be with you for just two hours to cover the ceremony and group shots only if this is all that is required and any combination in betwen. Bespoke packages can be discussed at the pre-wed consultation. 

~ Why do you visit the Venue beforehand?

If I haven't shot at your venue before, I will ask to do a recce ahead of the wedding day so that I can plan the best spots to do group shots, your couple shoot and prepare for a wet weather contingency. I will also chat with staff there so that I am aware of any restrictions ahead of time to ensure your day runs smoothly. 

~ How far do you travel?

I travel all over the UK and internationally (Tuscany anyone?!!!). However, travel 100 miles or more from Cowfold, West Sussex, will be chargable. Contact me to discuss your individual requirements. 

~ Do I need a Second Shooter?

I can bring a second shooter with me - this is another professional photographer, whom I work with regularly and knows what I expect from them on the day.

It is totally up to you whether you book a second shooter or not but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do. Whilst I am with the Bride and Bridesmaids for the bridal prep, they can be with the Groom, whilst he gets ready with his Best Man and Ushers. The second shooter can also be at the back of the cermony to get alternative shots and angles and will also shoot candids of your guests whilst I am taking group shots and your couple shots. Having a second shooter tells your complete story of the day and ensures that, together, we don't miss a thing! 

~ When will the images be ready to view?

Once you return from honeymoon, I will email you to arrange a viewing session, usually around 6 weeks after your wedding. I can come to you again or we can meet somewhere. At your viewing session, you will view your entire gallery and receive your wedding USB (and if you have upgraded to an album package, we can choose your album images). You can then choose to purchase from the A La Carte menu of print sizes or choose your images for the Folio Box should you wish. 

~ Could we meet to discuss the wedding beforehand?

Of course. In fact, I think it's a great idea and is included in my full day package price. This way we can discuss details for the wedding, including timing, group shots and any theme you may have. 

I can meet you at your house, in a coffee shop (or even a bar that sells wine!). Or we could do Skype / Facetime!

~ Could we have a practice shoot before the wedding day? (Also known as ‘I hate having my photos taken!’)

YES! I think it is so important to be comfortable in front of the camera, that I include a pre-wed shoot in my full day package price. This way, we are more comfortable with each other before the shoot, we know how to work with each other and we can also discuss wedding details - I LOVE this part!

I usually suggest somewhere meaningful to you as a couple is a good place to start; where you met, where you got engaged or even at the venue itself. A month or so before the wedding is a good time for this. 

~ Should we provide food for the photographer?

Short answer - YES!

For a full day package, I am probably the only supplier that will be with you from morning until first dance, which can equal 12 hours, dependant on timings. I do not stop all day, EXCEPT for when your guests are seated for the wedding breakfast - after all, no-one wants photos of people with their mouths full! Therefore, this is the ideal time for me (and my second shooter) to also sit down and have a refuel. I do have a clause in my contract, that I (and my second shooter) be provided with a hot meal - although it does not have to be the fancy 3 course meal that you and your guests will be served - just something to keep us going into the dancing hours! (Although we never say no to desert or wedding cake should it be  offered!! LOL!)  

~ What’s an unplugged wedding?

I truly don't mind guests taking photos of the wedding along with me - after all, family and friends will want to record their own memories of the day. However, guests standing in the aisle in front of the photographer is never good and guests hovering over the professional's shoulder during group shots can cause the group to be less cohesive. 

A recent trend has been to introduce an 'unplugged wedding'. It is totally down to the individual couple's taste but if you wanted to take this route, you can include a note in the invitations or on a board outside the ceremony venue, asking guests not to take photos during the ceremony itself - as you wish them to be totally present with you in the moment, instead of trying to get a good angle through their iPhone or iPad. After all, that's what you're paying the professional photographer to do! 


~ Shall we broach the question of money?

It's best to be transparent from the start. My prices are clearly displayed on my Investment page, to prevent any nasty surprises, later down the line. Photographer and Couple are completely aware of what the Contract entitles them to. 

TPB requires a booking fee and signed contract at time of booking, to secure the date. The final balance is due 6 weeks before the wedding day. 

For my full day package, the bride and groom get a pre-wed consultation, a pre-wed shoot, my time on the day, my experience, professional editing, an on-line (password protected) gallery and a USB with all the edited digitals on after the wedding. 

This basic package can be upgraded to include:

~ a second shooter

~ an album

~ a later finish time (I usually finish around 8pm, after the first dance).

~ an overnight stay (dependent on my travel)

~ a photobooth

Bespoke packages are also available and can be discussed at the pre-wed consultation. 

~ Do I pay a deposit?

I require a booking fee and a signed contract at the time of booking and then that's it - until 6 weeks before the wedding date, when the balance will be due.  

~ How do I order products?

Once your images are ready, I will arrange to come to you to preview your gallery. You will receive all edited digitals on a USB but it is here that you can choose any products (prints / folio box / albums) you would like to purchase or if you bought the Album package, we can choose the images for your album together so that I can provide advice. Product invoices are payable immediately. 

Other Shoots

~ Is a pre-wedding / engagement shoot necessary?

I believe that pre-wed shoots are so important for making you comfortable in front of the camera before your big day (and for me to get to know you better), that I include it in my full day wedding package. 

~ We’ve already booked our wedding photographer but they don’t include a pre-wed shoot. Can we still book this with TPB?

Of course you can. I am always happy to provide happy memories to anybody but I would suggest that you contact your wedding photographer about purchasing a pre-wed shoot from them. The bonus of a pre-wed shoot is that you get to work with the photographer before the wedding; this way, you get used to being in front of a professional camera, something many people will have never done before, but they will also get to know you better and have a feel for you both as a couple. This solid relationship ahead of the wedding can only enhance the images your photographer will capture on the day itself. 

~ We have a band in the evening so everyone will be dancing. Do we really need a Photo-Booth?

Totally up to you but I love providing a photobooth session after the dancing starts. Not only have your guests loosened up a little (they've been fed and probably very well watered [!] ), but I will also have met most of them during the day so they will be very comfortable around me.

Also, it's a lot of fun! 

~ What’s a Rock the Frock shoot?

Also known as a 'trash the dress shoot', this is where we can have a bit more fun with your birdal portraits or couple's shots. 

On the wedding day itself, we will only have a short amount of time for couples shots, in between you saying 'I Do', greeting all your guests and sitting down for your wedding breakfast. (And who wants to be welcomed as Mr & Mrs for the first time with twigs and leaves in your hair!!! ;-) )

At a Rock the Frock shoot, the wedding day is done and dusted but you can still get to wear your beautiful dress again but this time, we don't have to be so precious with it. You can lie in the leaves in the Autumn or you can do as one of my recent Brides did and have a dip in the Sussex Coast at Sunset! Why not?!! The only limit is your imagination - have fun!

~ I’m a bit shy. Would Bridal Boudoir work for me?

Bridal Boudoir is a brave option but it's also an empowering one. I LOVE photographing women and seeing the transformation during a shoot from shy butterfly to stunning Goddess - you get to be pampered too! 

And your new hubby will seriously LOVE these images of you in your bridal underwear, jewellery and veil. 

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