Advent Countdown #6: The Collins Twins 1st B’day Cake Smash

I loved this shoot. Obviously, twins are close to my heart anyway, but these two, Max & Leo, were mega cute. The slideshow below is actually from Part Two of this shoot. The first time I went down to see them, little Leo wasn’t well and we couldn’t really do a Twin Cake Smash with just Max. On the second day, we went to the beach and were joined by our mutual gorgeous friends Katrina and Nathan and their two girls for Leah’s cake smash (Advent Countdown #12) and had a real blast. As you will see 😀 :


So…, your advent gift today is: if you are anything like me, (creative, like a good giveaway and love stationary and art) then this is the blog for you. Leah Remillet’s 4th Annual Giveaway is on now!

If you liked this…:

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And remember to tell your friends and family about what you find. After all, Christmas is for sharing. 😉

Merry Christmas, Love Sally xx


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