Boutique Baby

Maternity & Newborn Timelines

Your body will change dramatically during those 9 months of pregnancy. (To see exactly how, visit Parents website for a week by week guide). Furthermore, your baby will grow at an astonishing rate during their first year of life. (See What To Expect).

Blink and you'll miss it! 

So let's make those moments last FOREVER! 

You can chose from 3 different options:

~ A Maternity timeline (over 9months of photography)
~ A Newborn timeline (over 12months) or...
~ For the best value, BOTH the Maternity and Newborn timelines (around 21months of photography!)


This is the ideal package for those who have just found out they are expecting. I will photograph you and complete a timeline throughout your pregnancy. Approximately every 4 weeks, I'll come and do a mini shoot of you, (and/or your partner and any older children) resulting in 6 to 8 beautiful timeline images, from around eight weeks, finishing up with your baby in your arms! With this option, you'll also receive a maternity shoot (around 36 weeks) and a newborn shoot (around 6 days old).


They grow so fast! So how about a precious timeline of the first 12 months of your baby’s life? Starting with a maternity shoot (at around 36 weeks) followed by a newborn shoot (at around 6 days old) and then every month thereafter, I will document those little changes that happen in the first year of life, from birth right up to your little one standing at their very own cake smash shoot at one year old! 


For those of you who really want capture this whole magical time in your lives, there's the option to take part in both the maternity and the newborn timelines. This offers you the best value, with around 21 months of dedicated photography, capturing all the little changes, from early pregnancy until your baby is a year old. What could be better than all those treasured memories captured, and presented in a beautiful album?  It's the perfect keepsake. 

Boutique Baby Payment Plan

One huge benefit of joining my Boutique Baby plan is that you are able to pay in easy installments, rather than all in one go. Prices start from £600, and can be paid off with as little as £50 per month.

For example, if you wanted to do the complete timeline with maternity and newborn, the full price should be £1,400 (£600 + £800). However, for combining the two timelines, I am offering an incentive as a thank you: the two timelines together would cost you just £1,200 (a discount of £200). In this example, if you take the payment plan, you would pay £50 a month (for £24 months) and pay £1,200 (a discount of £200!). However, if you paid the full amount up front, you get a FURTHER discount – and pay just £999 at the time of booking – and that’s IT! Forever!

To read more on my Boutique Baby programme, please read this post from my blog.


My first timeline (pictured above) was for my brother and sister-in-law as they progressed through their pregnancy with their first child, Harry. 

To read their story, please visit my blog