Butterfly Wishes Network

The BWN was founded by a group of photographers who came together to create a nationwide network of professional photographers, dedicated to providing families with children that suffer from a life threatening illness a beautiful family session. BWN is a non profit organisation and every single person works for free. 

I am so, so honoured to be a part of this amazing network of strong photographers. It can be devastating to hear some of the stories but to be able to provide families with images that will give them some small comfort through gutwrenching heartache is an incredible gift. 

Child Safety

Child safety is our absolute priority. Photographers will never be on their own with a child. 

Photographer Qualifications

BWN photographers show a strong body of work in an online portfolio, showing families and children, using indoor and outdoor light. While many exceptional photographers have expertise in landscape, wedding and commercial photography, BWN looks for photographers who have extensive experience working specifically with children and their families, a portfolio that exemplifies an engaging relationship and documents the essence of their subjects in a clean and consistent manner. All BWN photographers have business liability insurance. 

Leonarda’s Story – August 2014

Leonarda was born with Smith-Lemil-Opitz syndrome (SLO), a very rare condition that means the child doesn't produce enough cholesterol; it can affect you in few or many ways. Unfortunately for Leonarda, it affected her heart, bones, eyes, brain, mouth, skin, kidneys and muscle tone. Her prognosis was that she probably wouldn't walk or talk and her life expectancy was unknown. Sadly, Leonarda passed away in hospital, September 2014, aged just 6months old.

Through BWN, I was able to photograph some of her short life in hospital with her family. God Bless you Leonarda.

Noah’s Story – August 2015

Noah suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He stopped breathing at five weeks old and was in intensive care for a month. They found several problems with his blood resuts. Noah was a floppy baby, not reaching the usual milestones. His parents received the devastating news at a year old. There is no cure or treatment for children with DMD. Some treatments can extend their lifespan; others have horrdendous side effects. Happily, Noah has the most amazing and loving family unit.

If you think you qualify for a BWN shoot, please contact them in the first instance.