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The Sessions

~ I hate photos of myself. Do I have to be in them?

These are YOUR photos so I will do exactly what you want to get from your session. Having said that, I do encourage the parents to be in at least SOME of the photos. I really do believe it's so important to have photos of you as a family.

You need to be included in the photo. You need to be pictured with your children. You need to EXIST in photographs. However fat you think you are, however old you think you are; it's my job to create a stunning portrait of your FAMILY, you included, that you will cherish forever and pass on to the following generations.

You need to exist! 


~ Do you provide props?

I have a collection of props that I can bring with me.

~ MATERNITY (and BB Maternity Timeline) shoots: I have wraps and can create flower headbands, depending on your desired style. 

~ NEWBORN (and BB Newborn Timeline) shoots: I have plenty of hats, headbands, tutus and props etc in different colours. I also have several backdrops that I bring. I am also happy to include anything that you have on hand that you would like included in your images.

~ FAMILY & BWN shoots: I don't tend to bring props for family shoots, given that they are mostly based outdoors (unless it's a specific mini session such as the Bluebell Sessions) but I am very happy to bring anything on request.

~ CAKE SMASH shoots: I will bring my backdrops and props with me. However, YOU provide the cake. Whether you bake it yourself or buy it, it needs lots of soft, creamy icing on top - so that your little one can make as much mess as possible! Ha.

~ Do you come to our house?

I can come to you, we can meet at a park, a woods, the beach; wheverever you wish (within reason!). NEWBORN shoots usually take place at your home. (Space is needed for my lights). 

~ What should we wear?

Do you want to be co-ordinated? Matching? Contrasting? Don't worry! Before the shoot, I will send you a What to Wear tip sheet to help you decide what to wear.

~ How far do you travel?

I travel all over the UK and internationally (Tuscany anyone?!!!). However, shoots 100miles or more from Cowfold, West Sussex, will be chargable. Contact me to discuss your individual requirements. 

~ When should I book my maternity / newborn shoot?

Book as soon as possible. Given the busy summer months, get your date in my diary as soon as you can. It can always change if needed. A MATERNITY shoot is usually done around 32 weeks into your pregnancy. The best time for a NEWBORN shoot is when  your baby is under two weeks of age (ideally around 6 days old). After two weeks old they are harder to settle and gently manipulate into position and baby acne and colic can flare up. We can arrange a shoot date based on your estimated due date but of course, this can (and most probably will) change depending on when your little bundle arrives! Just contact me as soon as you can once you get out of hospital with your baby. 

~ How long will the session take?

Depending on the age of any little ones in your group, your MATERNITY / FAMILY / CAKE SMASH / BWN session will last between 1 - 1.5 hours. 

NEWBORN sessions can last up to 5 hours if the baby fusses a lot. The session is defined by your baby. If he/she needs changing, feeding, burping, cuddling etc, we will do it. They are the Boss!

~ I have an outside family shoot booked. What if it rains?

We have two options:

1. We can rearrange to another date


2. We can embrace the rain and the puddles!

~ When will the images be ready to view?

A few days after your shoot, I will email you to arrange a viewing session. I can come to you again or we can meet somewhere. At your viewing session, you will view your entire gallery and you can then choose to purchase from the A La Carte menu of print sizes or you can choose your images for the Folio Box. 

~ Could we meet to discuss the shoot beforehand?

Of course. In fact, I think it's a great idea. This way, we are more comfortable with each other before the shoot, especially where we need little one's cooperation! 

I can meet you at your house, in a coffee shop (or even a bar that sells wine!). Or we could do Skype / Facetime!


How much does a shoot with The Photography Boutique cost?

Please visit my Investment page to view individual shoot costs and options. Put simply, you pay the session fee and then once you have seen the gallery, you choose which product option you would like to purchase. 

~ Do I pay a deposit?

No, you pay the session fee at the time of booking and then that's it - until your viewing session after the shoot, where you decide which products you would like to purchase. 

~ How do I order products?

After your shoot, I will arrange to come to you to preview your gallery and it is here that you will choose which products (prints / folio box / albums) you would like to purchase. Product invoices are payable immediately. 

Terms & Conditions

The Photography Boutique reserves the right to use any photograph in any form such as, but not limited to, the use in advertising, reproduction and copyright. All images are copyrighted to The Photography Boutique, even those you purchase. Copying, scanning or reproducing images is strictly prohibited. Print-screening images from this website is also against the law. All offenders will be prosecuted accordingly. Prices are subject to change without notice and are non-negotiable. Prices are guaranteed for 30 days after your session. Due to the custom nature of photographic products, no refunds will be issued.

By hiring The Photography Boutique, you agree to these terms. 

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