My Little Black Book

Welcome to my Little Black Book

Contacts for all the ladies who make my job easier when needed. Talented make-up artists, amazing hair artists, stunning cake makers and beautiful dress makers. I personally know*, love and can vouch for each and every one and hold them dear to my heart.

If you need a pamper, a cake or a dress, these lovely ladies can help - and you can find them HERE! (They are my A-Team)! LOL!

* Actually, I don't know Dollcake -  but if I lived in Australia, I would make it my mission to best-friend them, as they are totally awesome!


Nadine Pyke Make-Up & Hair Artist

07932 544 457 is a bespoke make-up and hair stylist company that has been delivering high end service to exclusive clients for over 20 years. I have worked with her many, many times and I just ADORE her. 

Joyce Connor Make-Up

07788 993 965

Joyce is an award winning make up artist with 18 years experience in the cosmetics industry. Make up is the love of her life...and she is an absolutely wonderful lady! 

Bethany Alden Hair Stylist

07956 529 912

Bethany is a leading expert  in hairdressing - and what she can't do with hair in two minutes isn't worth doing!! Incredible....and she's totally gorgeous too!

HK Artist                           

07538 919 357

Hayley has 10 years of experience in all aspects of hairdresing and hair types. She even tamed mine - she must be good! 


Elizabeth's Cake Emporium

07958 069 116

Take a look at these FABULOUS, award-winning cakes - almost too good to eat!! Elizabeth is a master desinger and creater - and they tasta amazing too! This is the home of luxury cakes. 



[email protected]

These are the outfits I dream about!!! I would literally cry if you asked to do a shoot with something like these!!! How adorable are these?!

Sparkle Props

[email protected]

Beautiful tutu skirts and headbands. These skirts have helped to create some of my favourite images.