Whole Day

The Whole Day

Want to know what a complete wedding day is like, from start to finish?

Bridal prep to that first dance and everything in between! 

LOVE the memories.

5. Whole Day – Reception Gallery

This is one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. Everybody tends to be quite chilled but tinged with quiet excitement. I get to know the Bride's closest friends; her Bridesmaids and her parents and I can get a feel for how the day is going to go.

This section of the day also includes one of my favourite moments too - the first time the Father of the Bride sees his daughter in her wedding dress!! I LOVE to capture this raw emotion - never a dry eye!

If you've booked my second shooter to join me for the day, this is where they earn their worth. I'm busy detailing the Bride and her dress, jewellery, shoes, etc whilst my second shooter can capture the boys getting ready and their usually, jovial tension and good natured mocking. It's lovely to be able to capture both sides of the same story, from different views.

This is it!

That moment has arrived - finally.

Months and months of planning has led to to this final walk down the aisle as a Miss. 

(And everyone is here to see YOU). 

Welcome to the new Mr & Mrs - Congratulations.

No more nerves, big beaming smiles and pure joy in your hearts. 

No posing required.

After the group shots are done, it's time for some alone time with your new spouse - and me!! 

A few minutes away from the joyful noise and hubbub of your guests means we can capture some intimate moments in the grounds. Its often the first time you have been alone since you said "I Do" and you can reflect on the enourmity of your changed marital status.

I LOVE this portion of the day, capturing your true love for each other through genuine gazes and hand holding. 

The wedding reception isn't just a party - it's a reunion of all the people who have meant something to you throughout your life so far. 

Friends, family, school and uni friends; they all want to celebrate this day with you. 

With food, bubbles and music added to top it all off.

This is also the time when I will capture candids of your guests having fun and details, details, details!

The speeches. Also known as character assasinations! 

I have attended weddings where the laughter was raucous. (I have also been to a couple of weddings where tumbleweed blew across the room!) 

Nerve wracking for the speech-givers, hilarious and poignant for the guests - and it's also amusing for me to learn more about the couple from those that know them best! (I've even been known to shed a tear or two). 

And you can always win some money betting on the speech length sweepstakes!

Vows are done, speeches are over;

It's time to let your hair down. 

Here's to the start of your brand new life together as Mr & Mrs!

Congratulations on getting through this momentous day! 

And if you STILL need convincing…

My gorgeous Bride and Groom, Cherry & Simon, have agreed that you can view their full gallery, including their pre-wed shoot, their wedding day and the photobooth that evening!

Click HERE to view their gallery (password: hembersept14)