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Does your child love dressing up? Do they have a favourite SuperHero? Now you can book a SuperHero Shoot with The Photography Boutique and they will be put (by the magic of photoshop) right into the heroic scene!

My inspiration for these shoots was a little friend called Finley. But in short, I've known this family for around 13 years and Finley is most definitely a SuperHero in his own right, having battled a brain tumour for the last three years and having spent much of his life in hospital (including Great Ormand Street and Frimley Park). So I decided to turn him into his favourite movie SuperHero, Captain America. He was so brilliant at it and the smile on his face when I handed him his framed print was worth its weight in gold.

I've also done a whole days shooting at The Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital in Brighton, working with some of the bravest true superheros! 

Create some heroic memories for your child now
- whichever Universe they fight for!


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