Exist in Photos (Pt1) ~ The Boutique Sermon

Sunday’s “Boutique Sermon” is a bit late today as I have had a busy weekend, with a VERY thundery wedding yesterday and then a family day today so I’m going to keep this short – but the topic of this blog today is so close to my heart that I will be posting more about it next week! I will harp on about it REGULARLY!


There are many reasons why people, women in particular, don’t like their photo being taken and I will delve more into this next week but I feel it so important that you don’t stop yourself being in them.

EXIST IN PHOTOS with your family. Don’t be the one missing from the family album! Create precious memories for your children to keep! Don’t hide yourself away!!!


For now, here is a little article by a mummy blogger, Scary Mommy, talking about how she couldn’t find many pictures of her own mother in their family albums and why – and what she has done to correct this for her own babies.

“When I went to bed that night, I lay awake for a long time, thinking about what my own kids might see if they were to page through our family photos. And I came to the uncomfortable conclusion that they might have a very similar experience. They’d have to search long and hard for pictures of our faces filling the same frame.”

Scary Mommy: The Mom Who Wasn’t There

Click HERE to view the full article. It’s very thought provoking.

Click HERE to view the video that I shared on my page a couple of weeks ago. Again, very powerful.

Finally, here is the originator of the #existinphotos hashtag, Sue Bryce, explaining why she feels so strongly about creating portraits of your own!

I will post more next Sunday but for now, here’s a little challenge. TAKE PHOTOS OF YOU WITH YOUR CHILDREN and then share them with me – I’d love to see them!

I am as guilty as anyone regarding this but I have been making an extra effort lately so I’ll start the share – here’s mine, from a recent cinema trip with my little twiglets! Love them.

Me with the kids

Next week, I will examine more why you might not like having photos taken and offer ways in which you can rectify this. But for now, I look forward to seeing your quick snaps of you existing in photos, over the week,

Love Sally xx


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