Special Sisters Charity Christmas Ball, Betchworth Golf Club – 29th November 2014

So, Special Sisters and The Photography Boutique made the newspaper last December!!

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A couple of nights ago, I blogged about Caitlin & Will’s wedding. Tonight, I am sharing some details about a charity very close to Caitlin’s heart.

The Special Sisters are two little girls that Caitlin started caring for six years ago.

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Isabelle (9) and Siena (3) suffer from an undiagnosed condition causing severe epilepsy and developmental delay. Their parents are desperately trying to raise £50,000 to take their daughters on a life-saving trip to America, to administer treatment that is only available in the States. So they set up ‘Special Sisters‘, to start raising this huge amount of money. Here is a little snippet from Jenny Tuper, the girls mother, from the Special Sister’s Facebook page, which so simply and heartbreakingly explains why this family needs to raise this money:  

‘Woken early once again by the agonised screaming of Siena as a cluster of epileptic spasms takes hold. Repetitive and relentless, so upsetting to see her suffer. It didn’t resolve so emergency meds given, that awful wait as her breathing becomes erratic and shallow and I pray she won’t stop completely. She will be sedated for the rest of the day now and if a second dose is required this will knock her out for 2 days. Spasms have now spaced out but still painful and I am on the verge of calling the paramedics. This is our norm…this is why we need to get specialist treatment for our girls’

Jenny Tuper, Isabelle & Siena’s Mother, 1st November 2014

Last November, Caitlin and a few other lovely people arranged the 2014 Special Sisters Christmas Ball and I volunteered my evening to document the night. I also took my Photo Booth along!! Guests had a lot of fun with the props (see the pictures below), there was a grand dinner, a raffle and an auction, with music supplied by the fab Junction 9. The ball managed to raise an incredible £4,700!! Amazing!!! This takes the Special Sisters total raised to just over £7k so far. But that’s only 10% of the amount needed. Lots more money still needs to be raised! Please click here to like Special Sisters on Facebook and to follow their struggles and achievements! Here you can read about past fundraising events (a firewalk, the charity ball) and also upcoming events, such as a golf day, ‘Back to the Trenches’, the 2015 Christmas ball and also a family fun day where you might meet some Princesses that I know pretty well!! 

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 20.03.44Please take a look at their page, like and follow their charity work and if this post has touched you at all, you can also donate to Special Sisters here! Even £1 can make the difference to getting these girls to the US and getting this urgent treatment.

Thank you for reading! xxx


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